A cold silence has crept over Creation. The Scarlet Empress’ sudden return after being considered lost did not have the chaotic effect on the Empire that their enemies had hoped. Instead…nothing. No civil war. No proclamations of war. No massing armies. Everything seems like life is continuing as if nothing at all had happened.

Likewise, the sudden appearance of so many Solar Exalted, chosen of the Unconquered Sun, did not herald in the new age that the Gold Faction of Sidereals had expected. Most newly exalted Solars seem content with hiding out from their Imperial enemies, reluctant at all to challenge the Earth Blooded that had betrayed and murdered them for control of Creation almost a millenia ago.

All but five.

These five, calling themselves the Prophets of the World Breaker, were shown to Lucias Shatterforge, Sidereal Exalt of the Gold Faction and Chosen of the Maiden of Endings. The Web of Fate is uncertain on the details, but it is unwavering in that if these five are left to their own devices, they will destroy all of Heaven and Earth.

Unwilling to let some timid feelings herald the apocalypse, Lucias set forth into the world to seek the ones who will stand up and fight the Prophets and protect the millions of people that will be caught in the crossfire should the World Breaker be unleashed. The silence the world is experiencing is only the eye of the storm—and what follows might very well bring Creation to its knees.

Rise of the World Breaker